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rw2, rw3, rw4, rw3USB
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RW3USB is a hardware random number generator for the universal serial bus bus.
The basic version has a USB connection for power supply and data exchange. The premium versions do have a parallel port connection, a stereo output or a battery powered real time clock.

The parallel port is for data exchange in hard real time with a latency lower than 10 microseconds. The two bit streams at the stereo output are released at approx. 200 kHz and can be used as two channel white noise or random clock signals with discrete exponential distributed cycle duration.

Further Features:
Modern mikrocontroller (MSP430) with internal temperature sensor. The firmware can be updated.
Modern FTDI USB controller.
128 MB flash memory for user data. As an option more is available.
Well documented interfaces.
Much Open Source-Software for MS-Win, Linux and for hard realtime (RTAI).
The data exchange via USB is secured with checksums, the data exchange via parallel port is secured with a parity bit.
Self test of the hardware and complete self test of the random number generator according to FIPS and AIS.
Fulfills the requirements of CE, FIPS 140-1, FIS 140-2, AIS 31, etc..
Robust, solid and HF leakproof iron case.

Different modes, e. g. interrupt free mode for lowest latency for hard realtime use.